Objective: Create, launch and market new brand in the debt resolution industry



    Beyond Finance


    Brand Development, Social Marketing, Landing Funnel

Social Media Marketing

  • Utilize social media audience targeting and develop/test variations of both imagery and copy to determine highest CTR
  • Use brand color palette and debt focused messaging to connect ads with landing page
  • Create minimalistic landing page focused on the core 3-step debt relief process supported by success stories

Mobile Funnel

Email Marketing

A series of email templates were developed to encourage and stay in contact with customers at several stages of engagement from landing page funnel form entry through program enrollment and payment receipt. Positive messaging and brand recognition underscore the goal of these email solicitations which is to keep customers engaged in the program from inquiry through “graduation” which can take, on average, two years+ to complete.


Brand Development

The client requested an icon that could be incorporated into the identity mark and also used independentsly. The “ribbon” is constructed with three intertwining circles based on the 3-step process to debt relief that is the core mission of the company. A vibrant color palate was chosen to elict positivity and hope for a bright financial future.


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